No rest for the wicked


 So I'm bored and unmedicated and ADHD right now so I figured I'd write a journal entry!

So this coming Anime Boston, the plans for the Hughes family are cancelled due to the breakup, BUT I'm very okay with this because instead, I'll be cosplaying young!Riza Hawkeye. Mostly her in Ishbal. I'm wicked pumped for this. I'll be cosplaying her with my friend Ian who will be Roy. You miiiight recall that AB '09 I cosplayed Riza with him a bit. Anyway what I have planned for this year:

May or may not do Domo or Martel. Haven't decided. 
I will be Ishbal!Riza for most of the time.
I will also go to the formal ball in my prom dress, and have Riza's tattoo henna'd on my back. Ian will accompany me in some formal clothing as well. 
I will be doing a photoshoot of the tattoo on my back, probably shirtless/clutching the shirt to my chest.  
I might be doing a photoshoot of me trying to shave the mustache off of Roy, if I can convince Ian to grow his damn mustache out for it. xD He hates Roy Mustache so much that idk if I'll be able to convince him to do it. xD
Ian and I will be doing plenty of fanservice, especially when requested, because well... lately stuff has been happening between us, to say the least. xD;

Please leave suggestions for other photoshoots to do or pictures to take or ideas or anything! I'm wicked excited and want to take full advantage of this cosplay, and I hope it comes out fifty times better than AB 09 cause I don't care what half my friends said, that cosplay sucked!
No rest for the wicked


 I definitely made the right choice. I'm so happy with Owen. It was a little rough at first, though after a couple months of sorting things out and gaining maturity and whatnot, we both reached a place where we're definitely happy with each other. We're a disgustingly cute couple, though we TRY to tone it down around others. XD I have never been really "cute" in my life before, and now I can't stop being it. xD I'm so happy with him, I really am. I was content with AJ, it was nice to be around him, I was pretty happy, but honestly, it's so much happier and fun with Owen. (Also he's hot and I can show him off to my friends <3) We cosplayed Maes and Gracia Hughes at AAC this past October and it was a blast. (He's fuckin hot in that costume. Unf.) Lots of other stuff, not necessarily kosher for a journal entry... Anyway I was just browsing through his facebook photos and just felt the need to let my feelings out. I love him, he's changed me for the better. I'm so glad I chose him. 

I love you, Boobie!


 2 posts in the span of a couple days?! How could that be?!

Well to be honest, it's cause I found this, and I thought it was awesome. If you think I'm awesome and deserve an internets, you should totally click it. 


Hmm... Anything else to say? Nope. Mkay, bye!
No rest for the wicked

It's been a while...

But I figure I'll let you all in on how the best Halloween of my life went down. This is mostly copypasted, fyi.

I was sooo busy but Halloween was all worth it, let me tell you. My domo costume was a hit! I won the costume contest by a landslide! There were four categories: Best male, Best female, Scariest, and Best group. I won Best female. But the people who won the other categories only won by 3 or 4 votes, and I won by nine! According to the host, there were about 200 people there? So that was awesome to win amongst that many people. Also, I realized why I don't like dancing. It's cause I never danced as Domo before, because Domo can dance like a 'tard and it works! Everybody said it looked so cool when I danced. On a side note, It was SO HOT in that costume. I kept taking water breaks and fan breaks and stuff. Also, because I didn't plan it perfectly, the pants kept coming off on the butt and my butt would sag. So when they called me up to the stage when I won, my butt was sagging. So I went onstage with a saggy butt, but it was okay, everybody cheered and stuff. And then when they handed me my goodie bag prize, they were like, "Where will you put it?" So I stuffed it in my mouth and did a victory fists shake/pump thing. Iunno, but you see it a lot, and everybody laughed their butts off. It was cool because I was smart and built my Domo so that I could throw things in my mouth and it would fall down into a box. So I'd make a big show of going up to the candy bowls when people were looking and grabbing a handful of candy with my paws and stuffing them in my mouth then walking away casually. I got odd looks, it was amazing. People asked to get their picture with me, and to slow dance with me and all other sorts of things. People also started grinding me, and last but not least, I got a lapdance from a genderswitched Dean Winchester of Supernatural. Was awesome. :3 Oh wait, also, I participated in Thrill UNH, which is like Thrill the World, except it's just UNH. Anyway, doing the Thriller in my Domosuit was pretty funny.
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No rest for the wicked

Geeky day

Yesterday was a very geeky day. I get back from studying, and then Isaac asks if I want to go to lunch with him. I naturally agree, and we go. We sit down and talk a bit, then I notice my friend Amy, and call her over. She ended up sitting with us, and she and Isaac got into a great conversation about Star Trek and other nerdy things like Marvel, DC, Green Lantern, Batman, fanfiction, etc. I don't know too much about these subjects, so I stand back and happily watch them talk, glad to see my friends get along. Eventually, Isaac and I agree that we should watch Star Trek together, because I've been meaning to anyway. So I went home with him later, and what did we do? We watched Star Trek. Big surprise, right? Though after just one episode, we decide to watch Mystery Science Theater 3000, because we had both heard stuff about it, and wanted to check it out. It was okay, but I was bored most of it. We watched Manos, The Hands of Fate. Also, his kitty, Kira. CUTEST THING EVER. Actually, it's just about as adorable as a normal kitty, but I've been in a dorm the past month, and I'm terribly kitty deprived. :( Anyway, I took the bus back to the dorm and walk into the lounge where people had just turned on Star Wars. (I actually am quite bored by Star Wars, so I typed this up instead. I just got around to submitting it now though.)

What a nerdy day.


"Okay, if you guys ever want to commit suicide, what you should do is make a noose out of barbed wire, super glue your hands to your face, and then jump off a building, so that the people who find your body will say, 'Oh my God, that guy ripped his own head off!'" -Isaac

Also, I'm pissed because Isaac said two great things today, but I forgot them. :(
No rest for the wicked


Victor is visiting me in a few hours, time moves too slowly! D:

I got my first college hug yesterday. xD This guy named Jonas. He's a geek liek meee. He's currently playing a game that is similar to Pokemon, and singing the Numa Numa song. Last night I stayed up until midnight in the lounge with my dorm mates, just having fun. We played Jenga, catchphrase, video games, and we had a hell of a fun time throwing cards at each other. Sooo fun. We did this thing at one point where we stand ~15 feet away from each other, and one person throws a deck of cards, one by one, at the other person, and they try to catch them before they hit the floor. On my first try, I beat the hall record. w00t! 16 out of ~52. I really like the people here so far.

So about an hour ago, Jonas and I sat down and geektalked for a bit, exchanging information on our independent studies. I told him about the Squid experiments I did last year, and all about that, and we had a scientific discussion about it and stuff. It was fun. Now we're all sitting around Jonas as he plays this game, and we're all laughing and naming the monsters these odd, immature, and obscure names. And there's this kid beside me showing me these videos I've already seen of Vic Mignogna and Travis Willingham. xD 

So I'mma go socialize more now, and hope that Victor gets here sooooon! :gonk:


RA: Yeah, that song was amazing. It was only 47 seconds long, and it had a huge impact.
Me: Wow, that's a big influence for such a small song.
RA: Yeah, it was like 47 seconds of heaven... which was my nickname in high school, by the way.
Me: -ded of lol-

Transvestites, more than meets the eye! -Some new dorm mate


I was SO close to getting a pet pig today. ;-; Apparently I'm too old for the pig scramble, but luckily Connor wasn't, and he was picked. So he got in the ring, the announcer said go, and everyone scrambled. I watched, Connor almost caught this damn pig 6 or more times. Then some other stupid kid got it. =_= Hopefully there will be another chance tomorrow...

Mmm, I also got a haircut. It's nice, not much different than before, though.

I need new icons, grr. Expressive ones too.

Hmm, anything else? Nope, I don't think so, but here, have these, I can't stop laughing at them:

Also, this makes me more happy than it should:

That is all, leave me some love. <3