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I was SO close to getting a pet pig today. ;-; Apparently I'm too old for the pig scramble, but luckily Connor wasn't, and he was picked. So he got in the ring, the announcer said go, and everyone scrambled. I watched, Connor almost caught this damn pig 6 or more times. Then some other stupid kid got it. =_= Hopefully there will be another chance tomorrow...

Mmm, I also got a haircut. It's nice, not much different than before, though.

I need new icons, grr. Expressive ones too.

Hmm, anything else? Nope, I don't think so, but here, have these, I can't stop laughing at them:

Also, this makes me more happy than it should:

That is all, leave me some love. <3

Tags: fair, funny, haircut, hitler, pigs, senior moment
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