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Manga Meme!

Because everybody's doing it, so I should too. (Best life philosophy ever.)

Most of these are probably not the best or the most perfect for each of the prompts, but they were the ones I could find or think of. xD

1. Made you laugh:

<3 Hughes.

2. Made you cry:

Iunno, old men crying over family just gets to me. Same with Hohopapa. :'( I want to hug Dr. Knox right here.

3. Made you squee:
I squeed even harder in the second anime episode where it happened. <333 Havoc is so cuuuute.

4. Caused you distress:

I mean, I'm not even that attached to Ed anymore, but this freaked me out because I thought he was gonna go and open the gate and get Al and stuff REALLY soon, so I was distressed because I thought FMA was ending reaaally soon. Also, the stabbity thing was pretty distressing.

5. You didn't foresee:

Uh, just about everything, but this was pretty interesting, and I don't think I've seen it been said yet.

6. Amused you greatly: 

It was just great. Period. Also the beard was amusing.

7. Made you fall in love with a character: 
  THAT OUTFIT. FFFFFFFFFFFFF Also, see number 3.


This made me love Barry, and love Riza even harder.

8. If you have an OTP, reinforced your love for them:

/expected answer

9. Reminded you of yourself:

This may have also been what made me fall in love with her. I honestly can't remember. Either way, I'm just like her in the fact I hate being called, or told to be more feminine. xD

10. You love, for whatever reason

Cause the EXACT same thing would happen whenever my daddy came home when I was a child. His beard always huuuurt on my face. DX

Tags: fullmetal alchemist, meme
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