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Victor is visiting me in a few hours, time moves too slowly! D:

I got my first college hug yesterday. xD This guy named Jonas. He's a geek liek meee. He's currently playing a game that is similar to Pokemon, and singing the Numa Numa song. Last night I stayed up until midnight in the lounge with my dorm mates, just having fun. We played Jenga, catchphrase, video games, and we had a hell of a fun time throwing cards at each other. Sooo fun. We did this thing at one point where we stand ~15 feet away from each other, and one person throws a deck of cards, one by one, at the other person, and they try to catch them before they hit the floor. On my first try, I beat the hall record. w00t! 16 out of ~52. I really like the people here so far.

So about an hour ago, Jonas and I sat down and geektalked for a bit, exchanging information on our independent studies. I told him about the Squid experiments I did last year, and all about that, and we had a scientific discussion about it and stuff. It was fun. Now we're all sitting around Jonas as he plays this game, and we're all laughing and naming the monsters these odd, immature, and obscure names. And there's this kid beside me showing me these videos I've already seen of Vic Mignogna and Travis Willingham. xD 

So I'mma go socialize more now, and hope that Victor gets here sooooon! :gonk:


RA: Yeah, that song was amazing. It was only 47 seconds long, and it had a huge impact.
Me: Wow, that's a big influence for such a small song.
RA: Yeah, it was like 47 seconds of heaven... which was my nickname in high school, by the way.
Me: -ded of lol-

Transvestites, more than meets the eye! -Some new dorm mate
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