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Geeky day

Yesterday was a very geeky day. I get back from studying, and then Isaac asks if I want to go to lunch with him. I naturally agree, and we go. We sit down and talk a bit, then I notice my friend Amy, and call her over. She ended up sitting with us, and she and Isaac got into a great conversation about Star Trek and other nerdy things like Marvel, DC, Green Lantern, Batman, fanfiction, etc. I don't know too much about these subjects, so I stand back and happily watch them talk, glad to see my friends get along. Eventually, Isaac and I agree that we should watch Star Trek together, because I've been meaning to anyway. So I went home with him later, and what did we do? We watched Star Trek. Big surprise, right? Though after just one episode, we decide to watch Mystery Science Theater 3000, because we had both heard stuff about it, and wanted to check it out. It was okay, but I was bored most of it. We watched Manos, The Hands of Fate. Also, his kitty, Kira. CUTEST THING EVER. Actually, it's just about as adorable as a normal kitty, but I've been in a dorm the past month, and I'm terribly kitty deprived. :( Anyway, I took the bus back to the dorm and walk into the lounge where people had just turned on Star Wars. (I actually am quite bored by Star Wars, so I typed this up instead. I just got around to submitting it now though.)

What a nerdy day.


"Okay, if you guys ever want to commit suicide, what you should do is make a noose out of barbed wire, super glue your hands to your face, and then jump off a building, so that the people who find your body will say, 'Oh my God, that guy ripped his own head off!'" -Isaac

Also, I'm pissed because Isaac said two great things today, but I forgot them. :(
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