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It's been a while...

But I figure I'll let you all in on how the best Halloween of my life went down. This is mostly copypasted, fyi.

I was sooo busy but Halloween was all worth it, let me tell you. My domo costume was a hit! I won the costume contest by a landslide! There were four categories: Best male, Best female, Scariest, and Best group. I won Best female. But the people who won the other categories only won by 3 or 4 votes, and I won by nine! According to the host, there were about 200 people there? So that was awesome to win amongst that many people. Also, I realized why I don't like dancing. It's cause I never danced as Domo before, because Domo can dance like a 'tard and it works! Everybody said it looked so cool when I danced. On a side note, It was SO HOT in that costume. I kept taking water breaks and fan breaks and stuff. Also, because I didn't plan it perfectly, the pants kept coming off on the butt and my butt would sag. So when they called me up to the stage when I won, my butt was sagging. So I went onstage with a saggy butt, but it was okay, everybody cheered and stuff. And then when they handed me my goodie bag prize, they were like, "Where will you put it?" So I stuffed it in my mouth and did a victory fists shake/pump thing. Iunno, but you see it a lot, and everybody laughed their butts off. It was cool because I was smart and built my Domo so that I could throw things in my mouth and it would fall down into a box. So I'd make a big show of going up to the candy bowls when people were looking and grabbing a handful of candy with my paws and stuffing them in my mouth then walking away casually. I got odd looks, it was amazing. People asked to get their picture with me, and to slow dance with me and all other sorts of things. People also started grinding me, and last but not least, I got a lapdance from a genderswitched Dean Winchester of Supernatural. Was awesome. :3 Oh wait, also, I participated in Thrill UNH, which is like Thrill the World, except it's just UNH. Anyway, doing the Thriller in my Domosuit was pretty funny.

Now for pics of the costume/event.


Domo chillin'. It would get too hot to keep dancing so I'd relax like this.

All of us doing Thriller.

Just after Thrill UNH, we all did a group photo.

He wanted a picture with me after Thrill UNH

Me winning the Costume prize. It was a green goodie bag with candy and trinkets.
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