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 I definitely made the right choice. I'm so happy with Owen. It was a little rough at first, though after a couple months of sorting things out and gaining maturity and whatnot, we both reached a place where we're definitely happy with each other. We're a disgustingly cute couple, though we TRY to tone it down around others. XD I have never been really "cute" in my life before, and now I can't stop being it. xD I'm so happy with him, I really am. I was content with AJ, it was nice to be around him, I was pretty happy, but honestly, it's so much happier and fun with Owen. (Also he's hot and I can show him off to my friends <3) We cosplayed Maes and Gracia Hughes at AAC this past October and it was a blast. (He's fuckin hot in that costume. Unf.) Lots of other stuff, not necessarily kosher for a journal entry... Anyway I was just browsing through his facebook photos and just felt the need to let my feelings out. I love him, he's changed me for the better. I'm so glad I chose him. 

I love you, Boobie!
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