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 So I'm bored and unmedicated and ADHD right now so I figured I'd write a journal entry!

So this coming Anime Boston, the plans for the Hughes family are cancelled due to the breakup, BUT I'm very okay with this because instead, I'll be cosplaying young!Riza Hawkeye. Mostly her in Ishbal. I'm wicked pumped for this. I'll be cosplaying her with my friend Ian who will be Roy. You miiiight recall that AB '09 I cosplayed Riza with him a bit. Anyway what I have planned for this year:

May or may not do Domo or Martel. Haven't decided. 
I will be Ishbal!Riza for most of the time.
I will also go to the formal ball in my prom dress, and have Riza's tattoo henna'd on my back. Ian will accompany me in some formal clothing as well. 
I will be doing a photoshoot of the tattoo on my back, probably shirtless/clutching the shirt to my chest.  
I might be doing a photoshoot of me trying to shave the mustache off of Roy, if I can convince Ian to grow his damn mustache out for it. xD He hates Roy Mustache so much that idk if I'll be able to convince him to do it. xD
Ian and I will be doing plenty of fanservice, especially when requested, because well... lately stuff has been happening between us, to say the least. xD;

Please leave suggestions for other photoshoots to do or pictures to take or ideas or anything! I'm wicked excited and want to take full advantage of this cosplay, and I hope it comes out fifty times better than AB 09 cause I don't care what half my friends said, that cosplay sucked!
Tags: 2011, ab 11, anime boston, cosplay, ian, riza hawkeye
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