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I am currently in Aruba. Today was fun; it was my first day on the island, and out of the country. 

This little hotel is GREAT. I like it, it's small but beautiful.

I learned about a language today, and it's one of the main languages here. Weird.

I met a stray dog, and she was so sweet. She had NIPPLES. I call her Nipskie. I wonder if she has pups hanging around somewhere. 

Not many shells here, sadly. Lotsa coral and sand, though. 

Uh, lots happened today, and I can't remember most of it at the moment, so I'll give you guys pictures when I come back or whenever. <3

Also, there is a woman here, we call her "Leather Lady" behind her back. You will see why, if I ever get a picture of her. 

I also got an anime/manga-hater really interested in FMA, and he's reading it and really liking it! I WIN! >D
Stop the rain


I hate trying to meet new people. Nobody ever takes an interest in me no matter how I act. There is also nobody here that I know, and get along well with.

And I'm all damp from walking around campus in the rain. :/

So there's a free hour until my next meeting here at the freshman orientation thing, and since nobody seems to be interested in talking to me or anything, I decided to head to the library and complain about it to you. Don't you feel special?

I feel like I look like a lesbian today. Iunno, but I'm wearing a paperboy cap, and I keep really wanting to just stuff all my hair up under it. Lol, tranny tendencies? There's also this 50something year old, lesbian-looking woman here who keeps being really oddly friendly to me. It's kinda weird, but still unlikely that she's coming onto me.

THERE'S ALSO THIS GIRL HERE WHOSE HAIR I WAAAANT. SLFALFAG;LJG I've wanted that hairstyle for a while now, and she rocks it.
No rest for the wicked


My ADD is outrageous lately. First, I wanted to do something cute as a Royai drawing, got distracted with something very dark and angsty. Drawing Riza biting a pillow while Roy is torching her back. It's gonna be difficult. Then after doing a concept sketch of that, I saw a bad AMV with a good concept. I decided I'd redo that AMV and make it awesome. So I'm playing Elephant March from the Jungle Book over and over trying to figure out what I'll do in my head, I start downloading clips, etc., and I stumble across something hilarious.

This is actual dialogue:

Al: Leave Marta alone! Or you'll regret it.
Kimblee: (something along the lines of) "You mean this creature? She can hardly be called human."
Al: She's a human being!!

Sound familiar? Well I decided I wanted to take that and spoof Chris Crocker somehow, but I was a little hard pressed for ideas. After getting distracted with that for a bit, I got back to work on the AMV. A few hours later, I'm looking for more clips by watching AMVs and I stumble across a song called Bones of Love. The song was okay, but the chorus caught my ear.

Male and female voice singing in unison:
You better kill me before I kill you
You look good in black
Pay the bill and keep on walking
Or get a hole in your back

Does anyone make the connection to FMA? Because I'm totally seeing Havoc and Lust. Unfortunately, like my last MMV, only the chorus of this song works. However, I've got most of the panels set out in my head, stringing them together might be tricky though.

SDLFHA;SDKH I NEED TO FOCUS ON ONE THING AT A TIME. All of my ideas are really hard though. D:

EDIT: GRAAH, Another bunny! XD This one is adoptable, however, because I don't write. Uhm, It's essentially the thoughts going through Roy's head after he cauterizes his abdominal wound in Chapter 39. He's thinking about how painful it is, but he could only imagine how much it would have hurt for Riza when he burned her back, since, ya know, he wasn't just stopping her bleeding, lol. Kay, just had to get that out so the damn bunny stopped nipping my toes.

No rest for the wicked


I HATE it when plans fall through at the last minute. I have a backup plan, but it turns out I can't visit Emma tomorrow. :(

Also, I have decided.

FMA's French VA's are great. I really like them... and I don't even like French that much.

The Spanish ones... not so much. The guys who only get one line are okay, but everyone else is sub-par. D:

This is saddening, as I figured that watching FMA episodes in Spanish would be a great way to learn, since I know half the script in English anyway. xD Ah well, not that big a deal.
No rest for the wicked

Amazing love, how can it be?

Wow. Tonight was great.

Something happened that I've wanted to happen for the past several years. I remember even wanting to do this since I was 5.

Tonight I spoke in tongues. I spoke in toungues without stopping for at least fourty minutes. I was bawling my eyes out and praising the Lord in a language I didn't even understand. It was intense.

It almost sounded like Japanese, but not quite. Some Asian or African language, perhaps, if it was a human language at all.

Also, Jeremy, Jordan and I were all touched by the Holy Spirit, and were all hugging each other, crying our eyes out while the rest of the youth group laid hands on us and prayed. I'm so glad my family was touched by God tonight.

I also graduated from the Youth Group tonight... It was sad, but I was given the best graduation present I could have asked for.

I'm totally gonna come back to the youth group though, just to hang out and stuff, maybe become a leader if I can. I can't really imagine actually leaving them.

On another note: Huuuuughes~! ;A; -sniffle-
EDIT: Oops, I lied. Skillet released a single off of their new album that is coming out in August. It's "Hero" and it's pretty good! 
No rest for the wicked

Fanart: Two Bullets

Okay, I feel super cool because though I haven't read the chapter yet, I was told what happened and whaddyaknow? I drew fanart of it a year ago... kinda. I had it halfway done, and I finished it this weekend because I felt so cool.

So, though this isn't what happened, it is totally what would have happened if -spoilerspoilerspoiler-

Also, because I tend to draw little things on the side in my serious drawings to make fun of them, you get an extra little lol for your time.

Collapse )

No rest for the wicked

Estoy muy aburrido. -__-

So I've decided to take Spanish into my own hands since this silly online class hasn't taught me much.

I just made friends with a girl who speaks Spanish and a good amount of English, and we're gonna communicate in both Spanish and English in order to increase our skills in the weaker language.

I feel so cool. 8) I hope I don't make too much of a fool of myself.
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No rest for the wicked

Oooh~ Victor's in trouuuuuble~

LOL I talked to Victor's dad on Friday, asking how Victor was, since I haven't heard much outta him, and he was like, "Well, there's a reason for that," xD

Sorry, Vic, good luck with your studies!

Uhm. I also feel as if I have more to say, but I can't think of it at the moment, so I may edit in stuff later. -nods-