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Huh? Arson?

the caffeine made me do it...

15 September
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I am a Christian if you didn't already figure that one out.
I am not one who accepts random friends requests.
I am the Queen of Useless knowledge, ask me for some useless knowledge sometime.
I consider myself a scientist.
My deadly sin is definitely Sloth.
I am empathetic.
I am very forgetful.
I believe I'm a decent artist, ask to see my art sometime.
I am told that I am a good person to talk to about problems.
I am crazy.
I don't often think before I speak, and that's why I love the internet.
I have a Cheez-it fetish.
I adore sunsets, rainbows, clouds (especially on a sunny day after a rainstorm) and beautiful views.
I love compliments, and I'm always sure to try to return the favor.
I am grateful for donations/presents and whatever.
I am at a loss of what else to say about myself.

Likes [In no particular order, but still somewhat organized]:
-Fullmetal Alchemist-
-Royai, Hawkeye, Hughes, Havoc, Martel, and various other characters-
-The thread, as mentioned previously-
-AJ & friends-
-Doing stuff on the computer-
-Making AMVs-
-British Humor-
-Light debates-
-Goofing off with my friends-
-Goldfish [the food]-
-Steak [Sorry vegetarians! T-T]-
-Rats <3-
-Seaglass hunting-
-Coin collecting-
-Donating when I feel like it-
-George! <3 >w<-

-ENVY!!! (Yes, Envy of FMA)-
-Obnoxious Brothers D;-
-When Christians give Christians a bad name-
-Satan [duh]-
-Coffee, Sorry Victor-
-Most rap-

Hit me up on Gaiaonline, I'm [~Jesus.Freak~]